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Explore Nicosia with a local

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Welcome to Explore Nicosia with a local ! I guarantee that this tour will be a unique experience:


1- It's with a local - so, friendly, full of local tips, love of the city...



2-It's at the world's last divided city, exotic, different, unique...




World's last divided city : Nicosia




Do you know that since the fall of the Berlin Wall, only one capital city in the world remains divided in two: Nicosia (Lefkosa). There is a slim "Green Line" controlled by UN that is a buffer zone that snakes through Nicosia, keeping the North and South of Nicosia apart. Well, let's be honest, the border is more of a formality here now.



So, what I am offering?



Tour of Nicosia! The best way to explore around old city is walking, as it's relatively small enough to navigate on foot.

Things to Note

It does not matter if you are on the southern or northern part of the city, we will cross the border during our tour. Please be aware that when passing the border (Green Line), you will need to present your passport/ ID card. I highly suggest you check whether your ID is accepted by both sides. You can always send a message to me and ask for further information.

As part of this tour, we may stop at a traditional coffee shop or for traditional Cypriot lunch. You just need to ask that day.

You may also purchase the handcrafts and laces of Cyprus which has variety of souvenirs at Hasder (a non-profit organisation).

What will you see in this historic city?

Our tour is customizable, i.e. it's mostly dependent on you!

My suggestion attractions in Northern Nicosia



  • Car-free old town within the Venetian Walls.
  • Bandabuliya (indoor market consists of local shops)
  • St. Sophia Cathedral (Selimiye Mosque)
  • Bedesten (St Nicholas Church of the English)
  • Arasta (pedestrian market area) on our walk.
  • the Great Inn (Buyuk Han)
  • Kyrenia Gate
  • Atatürk Square (Sarayonu) ...

I am unfortunately not an expert on Southern Nicosia. However, we may walk through the main attractions in Southern old Nicosia and stroll around Ledra’s Street, the most prominent shopping area in Nicosia,

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will customise the tours when requested, feel free to ask for additional location visits and specific requests.





from €40.00


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  • Suzette - 2017-01-28 11:38:00

    My family and I travelled to Cyprus for Xmas/New Year and were keen to explore Nicosia, especially the northern part of Nicosia. We were very disorganized around booking tours and left the Nicosia booking very late indeed. On the evening of 1 January, I c